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Why should I join a mall?Belonging to a mall has advantages:
  • Traffic generated from other businesses in the mall benefits you.
  • Malls usually advertise in other media such as newspapers, radio, TV, billboards, etc., as well as advertising in other sites through banners and link exchanges. This benefits you at no cost.
  • Resource pooling. Ideas contributed by other businesses will bring improvements to the mall which will in turn create traffic that will benefit you.
  • Isn't it better to have my own website? FL-Mall complements your website:
  • A portal page in the mall can only help traffic to your own website. We will link to your website from your entry in our directories (alphabetical and by category). The fact that your listing is a link, makes it stand out from the rest by color and underline.
  • Your portal page will also link to your website. We will give your portal the same look as your own homepage, if you so desire.
  • More people will be able to find you. If they haven't found you directly, they may find you in the mall.
  • The cost of a portal page in FL-Mall is comparable to the cost of just one more page in your website, but it buys you a lot more.
  • If you don't have your own website, or you are not satisfied with your website now, we can build a website for you, or improve the one you have.
  • Why should I join FL-Mall? FL-Mall gives you:
  • A nice professional atmosphere where you can be proud to display your best business front.
  • One Year Membership in FL-Mall, including: a Portal Page, Membership Decals to display at your business (glass doors or windows), and Listings in at least two directories (alphabetical and by category - You may request to be included in up to three categories). Your portal page includes three pictures and tastefully arranged text surrounding them, in a layout of your choice, from several professionally designed presentations. We will help you develop the content and, of course, the final presentation must be approved by you.
  • We have excellent prices to extend your Portal Page to a multi-page Portal Section as complete and impressive as a website.
  • You can name your Portal Page, so you can use it in your business cards and stationery:
  • FL-Mall advertises regularly in Community Newspapers, with 15 publications, such as Kendall Gazette, Coral Gables News, Aventura News, The Biscayne Bay Tribune, South Miami News, Palmetto Bay news, The Pine Crest Tribune, Doral Tribune, etc. with a combined circulation of 300,000 units per week.
  • FL-Mall participates in link exchange and affiliate programs which contribute to a steady traffic increase.
  • FL-Mall has links in the Home Pages of all Community Newspapers' websites.
  • FL-Mall will continue to make improvements to attract new businesses. As we grow together, we will devote a greater budget to advertisement, thus benefiting your business.
  • FL-Mall can get you started in e-commerce at minimal cost. We have expertise to help you get started and to help you grow.
  • How do I join FL-Mall? To Join FL-Mall, do the following:
  • Fill out the form below.
  • Send deposit of $50.00 to Microtrol, Inc. 12221 S.W. 99th Street; Miami, FL 33186
    One Year Membership costs $250.00 if paid up front; i.e., $50.00 deposit plus $200.00 within 10 days of your Portal Page being up.
    You may opt to pay monthly at $20.00/month. Thus, $50.00 deposit plus 12 X 20.00=$240.00 for one year membership. So, when you pay up front, you save $40.
  • Select a Portal Arrangement.
    We will e-mail you the Portal Arrangement Selections upon receipt of your membership request.
  • Mail or e-mail your pictures identifying them according to numbered position on the selected layout.
  • If you wish to select a different arrangement than those offered, or would like to discuss details of your membership, portal presentation, listings, etc., please, give us a call at (305) 595-8927, or send us e-mail at

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